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Landlord’s insurance is a specifically designed Insurance rider designed to protect property owners.(Commercial or Residential) At Perlas Insurance Services, our agents make choosing Landlord’s Insurance an easy stress free experience. We can save you time and money by answering all your questions and laying out your insurance options in a clear way. Perlas Insurance Services makes it quick and easy to find the California Landlord’s Insurance policy you need.

Landlord’s Insurance coverage can help provide financial protection for your rental property from damages and you from legal liability. One such circumstance includes a legal dispute between you and your tenant. Another circumstance includes property damage that makes the property inhabitable. You never know when your rental property may be damaged or destroyed. A fire or flood could destroy your property or some other disaster could occur that causes damage to your property. Having to find the contractors to repair the property can be extremely expensive. With a comprehensive landlord’s insurance policy, you will have coverage in the event a problem occurs. Landlord’s insurance is also important because you, as the landlord, can be held responsible if a tenant is injured on your property, and that person may choose to sue the landlord for injuries that occur on the property. The right policy can make sure that your legal fees are covered while you defend yourself. If there is a judgment against you, some policies will pay out so your assets and personal belongings are protected. The cost of legal expenses or the costs of repair for property damage may be compensated if you have the right landlord’s insurance policy. Of course with Landlord’s Insurance through Perlas Insurance Services, you can rent your property out with confidence.

Landlord Insurance coverage typically includes protection for your rental building; Perlas Insurance Services can also offer options to protect:

  • Other structures on your rental building’s property such as a garage or shed
  • Any personal property, such as furniture or appliances stored on site, or provided by you, for use by your tenants.