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Most people think that their homeowners or renters insurance will cover all their valuables. In most cases it does however there are limitations. Many homeowners policies provide less than a thousand dollars worth of coverage, many provide for theft but not loss. Don’t let your valuable heirlooms go unprotected. With a jewelry insurance policy (inland marine insurance*) from Perlas Insurance Services you can insure that your diamonds, rings, pendants, and other fine jewelry are protected. Fill out our form for a free quote on jewelry insurance

The term inland marine can be confusing to many. But it should not be overlooked by people when shopping for Insurance policies to protect their valuables. You may be surprised to learn that inland marine insurance actually has nothing to do with the ocean or marine related issues. Inland marine insurance will often cover important and highly valuable items such as:

  • jewelry, fine arts, and china.
  • Memorabilia
  • Baseball cards
  • Books
  • Coins
  • antique Fire arms
  • Silverware
  • Stamps
  • and any valuables that you hold dear…

Because Perlas Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency, we will shop the top carriers in the country to find your next Jewelry Insurance policy at the best inland marine insurance rates available. By purchasing inland marine insurance through Perlas Insurance Services, we may help provide you the peace of mind you deserve.